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Every year, June 6 is China Atrial Fibrillation Day.


SpeakingAtrial FibrillationSome people may not have heard of it, but when it comes to "stroke", everyone will certainly not feel strange.


So, what exactly is atrial fibrillation?


And what does stroke have to do with it?


How to prevent stroke in patients with atrial fibrillation?


With these questions, let's look down together.




What is atrial fibrillation?



Atrial fibrillation(Atrial Fibrillation, abbreviated: "AF"), is common in adultspersistent arrhythmia, supraventricular tachyarrhythmia with uncoordinated atrial electrical activation, resulting in ineffective atrial contraction.


The biggest feature of atrial fibrillation is"Disorderly"The patient's heartbeat rhythm is confused, there will be palpitation, palpitations and other symptoms, the heart is like "out of control. Atrial fibrillation is one of the major causes of stroke, heart failure, sudden death and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.




The Chinese Hypertension Survey from 2012 to 2015 found that there were more than 4.87 million patients with atrial fibrillation among residents over 35 years old in my country, accounting for 0.71 of the population over 35 years old, and the prevalence of atrial fibrillation in the elderly over 75 years old was about 3%.


With the advent of an aging society in China, it is expected that the number of patients and the total prevalence rate will increase more significantly in a long period of time in the future.




Relationship between atrial fibrillation and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases



Stroke and thromboembolism


Atrial fibrillation is easy to cause the formation of atrial thrombus, which leads to thromboembolic events represented by ischemic stroke. For this reason, the risk of stroke in patients with atrial fibrillation is 5 times that of the normal population, and clinically 20% to 30% of ischemic stroke is caused by atrial fibrillation.


Heart failure


Heart failure and atrial fibrillation have common risk factors, such as hypertension, diabetes and valvular heart disease. Both have common pathophysiological characteristics, so many patients with atrial fibrillation and heart failure, and atrial fibrillation will also increase the prevalence of heart failure, symptoms.


myocardial infarction


The risk of myocardial infarction in patients with atrial fibrillation is increased by 2 times, and the annual incidence of myocardial infarction is 0.4 to 2.5 percent. Among them, the incidence of stable angina pectoris, valvular heart disease, heart failure, and patients after coronary intervention is higher.




To deal with atrial fibrillation, early diagnosis and early treatment is the key



To reduce the risk of disease associated with atrial fibrillation, doEarly detection, early diagnosis, early treatmentis the key.


Atrial fibrillation itself is not fatal, and it is mostly manifested as transient palpitation, palpitations, or even no symptoms at the beginning, but atrial fibrillation is easy to induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and increase the risk of cerebral infarction.


Therefore, if you want to stay away from cerebral infarction, you need to carry out standardized treatment. On the one hand, you should intervene in time at the beginning of atrial fibrillation to prevent paroxysmal from becoming permanent. Through timely and correct anticoagulant treatment, in order to minimize the risk of cerebral infarction.


The earlier the treatment of atrial fibrillation, the greater the chance of cure.







WESAIL Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Products

Helps make AF diagnosis easier, faster and more accurate


"China Stroke Center Construction Standard" requires patients to arrive at the emergency department within 45 minutes after the complete blood cell count, rapid coagulation test, blood biochemical test results.


The China Chest Pain Center certification standard includes one of five elements: Establishing a rapid bedside testing method requires that troponin (cTn), D-dimer, and NT-proBNP tests be completed quickly after the first medical contact, and that the time from blood draw to result should be less than 20 minutes.


The cardiovascular and cerebrovascular products of Guangdong Weishi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "WESAIL") are not only comparable to imported chemiluminescence detection reagents in performance, but also shorten the detection time to 8 minutes.


A minute earlier results mean that the patient's risk of death is reduced by one point, and WESAIL will uphold"The pursuit of excellence, only true"The development concept, accelerate product innovation and upgrade, help diagnosis easier, faster and more accurate.


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* STATEMENT-This article is intended for science purposes only and should not be considered as a recommendation or proof of efficacy for the medical product in question. Involving disease diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation related, please be sure to go to professional medical institutions, seek professional advice.



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