Foundation Description

Eclampsia during pregnancy is a disease that coexists with elevated blood pressure. This situation is related to the external environment of the pregnant woman and the pregnant woman. It is also related to abnormal trophoblast cell erosion and abnormal immune regulation. The WESAIL Special Eclampsia Package helps critical maternal care centers to predict, identify and monitor preeclampsia treatment to reduce the risk of pregnancy. For pregnant women with basic diseases in blood sugar and blood pressure, the risk of pregnancy will also be greatly increased, and the detection of blood sugar and kidney function should be more stringent.


WESAIL Critical Maternal Care Center Solutions

Eclampsia Package: PLGF, sFlt-1
Also provide pregnancy and childbirth complications detection items:

Blood glucose: HbA1c, Insulin, C-peptide

Kidney: NGAL, MAU, β 2-MG, Cys-C

Routine pregnancy test items: description and matching of critical conditions of β-hCG, LH,FSH,P,PRL blood sugar and blood pressure