Foundation Description

On September 8, 2015, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Construction of a Hierarchical Diagnosis and Treatment System". The connotation of the hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system is the first diagnosis at the grassroots level, two-way referral, urgent and slow treatment, and upper and lower linkage. All over the country to actively respond to the landing, grass-roots and different levels of medical diagnosis needs the support of rapid diagnostic products.

WESAIL Hierarchical Treatment Solution

To provide a full range of diagnostic reagents for hospitals at all levels, to benchmark the test results of large-scale instruments in the central laboratory of large-scale general hospitals, and to complement large-scale instruments for different application scenarios and needs. For the emergency department and clinical departments, flexible, simple and fast to help clinicians to judge the condition. For secondary hospitals, under the premise of saving equipment and reagent costs, it can not only ensure the accuracy of flux and results, but also give medical staff a concise operation process and timely test reports. For grass-roots and county-level hospitals with simple medical equipment and staffing, WESAIL diagnostic kit has the characteristics of simple operation, timely reporting, high accuracy, wide applicability and comprehensive professionalism, which can help doctors to judge and deal with it quickly.