Concentric fight against the epidemic! A number of organizations donated WESAIL's new crown antigen self-test kit to help Hong Kong fight the epidemic.

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2023-08-28 15:48


At present, the fifth wave of the epidemic in Hong Kong is raging, and the number of new cases continues to rise, which has a serious impact on the lives and health of the people. In the face of the extremely severe epidemic prevention situation, the Sequoia China Foundation and China Merchants Group recently donated the new crown antigen self-test kit independently developed by WESAIL (full name: Guangdong Weishi Biotechnology Co., Ltd.) to Hong Kong to meet the most urgent needs of Hong Kong citizens and medical staff and to curb the rapid spread of the epidemic as soon as possible.


WESAIL emergency production of new crown rapid antigen test kit, full speed to help Hong Kong fight the epidemic


China Merchants Bureau for the "China Merchants Warm Estate" community care action to prepare rapid testing kits and other anti-epidemic materials.


Sequoia China Receives WESAIL Rapid Test Package for Hong Kong Aid Supplies at Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department



The products sent to Hong Kong areWESAIL New Crown Antigen Self-Test Kit, using self-collected nasal front end (AN) swab detection, the detection result can be obtained in 15 minutes, which is effective for detection of various variant strains such as Delta and Omicron, and can be widely used in various scenes, such as airports, restaurants, families, schools, residential areas, etc. Hong Kong citizens can use this product for home self-testing, which better meets the needs of rapid screening of large-scale populations.


The WESAIL New Crown Antigen Self-Test Kit sells well in Europe and has been certified by PEI in Germany, entered the BfArM White List of the German Federal Drug and Medical Device Agency, and successfully entered the White List of the French Drug Administration ANSM Home Antigen Test Kit (8th in the world). In addition, the kit is the fourth in the world to receive the CE0123 self-test certificate from the well-known certification body TÜV SÜD (only six new crown testing companies worldwide have received this certificate for their products).



Since the outbreak of the new crown, WESAIL, as an in vitro diagnostic reagent manufacturer, has shouldered the social responsibility of fighting the epidemic. At present, WESAIL provides independent research and development of the new crown series of test kits and instruments, can meet the new crown virus on-site rapid detection of different application scenarios, a number of new coronavirus test products won CE certification, the Ministry of Commerce white list, multinational registration certificate, exported to many countries around the world.


We are in the same boat through thick and thin, and fight the epidemic with one heart. WESAIL will pay close attention to Hong Kong's epidemic prevention and control needs and fully support Hong Kong's effective response to the epidemic. We believe that with the support of all sectors of society, Hong Kong will be able to defeat the epidemic as soon as possible!


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