To deal with Omicron,WESAIL new crown series antigen test reagents can effectively detect!

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2023-04-28 14:07


Recently, Omicron mutant strains have caused global tension, and rising trends and unknowns about the virus are spreading worldwide. To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus variant strain, it has become a new global target for epidemic prevention.



WESAIL New Crown Test Reagent Can Effectively Detect Omicron


Faced with the Omicron of the latest new coronavirus variant, the WESAIL R & D team urgently certified the performance of the company's existing products,The results show that WESAIL's self-developed new crown antigen (COVID-19 Ag) test kit (self-test version/professional version/saliva version) can effectively detect Omicron variants and ensure the accuracy of the test.



WESAIL has been keeping an eye on changes in the global epidemic. Subsequently, WESAIL will continue to closely track the latest developments in the global new crown virus variant strains, monitor the specificity, accuracy and sensitivity of products, and continue to help prevent and control the new crown epidemic.



Product advantages


New Crown Antigen Test Kit (Self-Test Version)


■%TÜV issued a self-test CE0123 certificate, selling in Europe
■%Germany, France new crown antigen self-test reagent access white list.
■%Home products, pharmacy can sell
■%15 mins results, no need to use with instrument
■%Effective for detection of 30 mainstream mutants
■%For detection of new crown infection incubation period, early infection and infection period

New Crown Antigen Test Kit (Professional Version/Saliva Version)


■%15 mins results, no need to match the instrument
■%For detection of new crown infection incubation period, early infection and infection period
■%Nasal swab, throat swab, saliva and VTM samples can be detected



At present, WESAIL provides independent research and development of the new crown series of test kits and instruments, can meet the new crown virus on-site rapid detection of different application scenarios, a number of new coronavirus detection products have been CE certified and sold in the European market.


Based on continuous innovation, WESAIL will create value for customers through quality products and services. At present, WESAIL has always adhered to the development concept of "pursuing excellence, only truth and reality" to help prevent and control the global epidemic!

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