WESAIL New Crown Neutralizing Antibody Test Kit (Latex Enhanced Immune Transmittance Turbidimetry) and Handheld Colloidal Gold Immune Analyzer Won CE Certificate

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2023-04-28 14:07

2021On April 8, 2002, Guangdong Weishi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "WESAIL") independently developed and produced a new type of coronavirus (COVID-19) neutralizing antibody detection kit (latex enhanced immune transmission turbidimetry) and hand-held colloidal gold immune analyzer won the EU CE certification.


The "CE" mark is a safety certification mark, which is regarded as a passport for manufacturers to open and enter the European market. Previously, several new coronavirus related products of WESAIL have been CE certified and sold well in the European market. The new crown neutralization antibody detection kit (latex enhanced immune turbidimetry) and handheld colloidal gold immune analyzer have been CE certified, which indicates that these two products will also begin to move towards overseas markets, enriching and perfecting WESAIL's overseas service and product system, and is expected to further expand WESAIL's influence in overseas markets.


The new coronavirus (COVID-19) neutralizing antibody test is mainly used to evaluate the immune effect of the body after vaccination, usually in the early, middle and late stages of vaccination.


Handheld Colloidal Gold Free Epidemic analyzer integrates fluorescence and colloidal gold double detection system, with powerful performance, inter-machine difference ≤ 3%, stability ≤ 1%, small and light hand-held, and can realize the function of real-time detection and results in seconds.  


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