WESAIL products pass German PEI performance verification

Release time:

2023-04-28 14:07

WESAILThe new coronavirus antigen detection kit developed and produced has passed the performance verification of the Paul Ehrlich Institute in Germany.280More than one of the new crown detection reagent manufacturers, among the top.20Successfully shortlisted. Paul Ehrlich Institute (German:Paul Ehrlich Institute), is a German authoritative experimental testing institution approved by the German government and affiliated to the German Ministry of Health.


PEIPass-through representation of performance verificationWESAILThe novel coronavirus antigen detection kit has stable performance and accurate detection results, which can quickly, sensitively and conveniently complete the detection and identification of infected people, and can be used for early screening of infection.



on the other hand,WESAILAs a new coronavirus detection reagent R & D manufacturer, enter.EURegistration list, relevant qualifications and product information.EU commissionPost-audit release. Entering the registration list can improve the visibility of the enterprise and let users know intuitively and conveniently.WESAILProducts.


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