Instrument Product Technician


Complete the production and assembly of in vitro diagnostic instruments according to the production SOP;
Organize, implement, supervise and control the production process;
Maintain the equipment required for production to ensure normal production on the production site and good operation of the equipment;
Complete the preparation of raw materials, processes, tooling and equipment for the new products in charge from trial production to batch production;
Assist in formulating relevant technical documents such as operation instruction, consumption quota, inspection standard, packaging and transportation specification of products in charge;
Overall management of product production, production process control, quality management implementation, sampling testing;
Provide technical support services to customers and solve customer problems about the company's products;
Other work assigned by the leader.


Major in electronic information, medical equipment, machinery, mechatronics, college degree or above;
Understand product design and development, production process
Skilled application of commonly used electronic components, skilled retrieval of various components materials;
Proficient in using Word, Excel, PPT and other office software;
Positive working attitude, strong sense of responsibility, good communication and teamwork;
Medical device quality system related work experience is preferred, fresh graduates can relax the conditions.